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Virtual Gyoza Workshop


Preparing your own gyoza at home!

Keep calm and gyoza on! Even though we’re sheltering-in-place, you can still enjoy fresh gyoza.

We’ll prepare the ingredients for you including the gyoza filling and gyoza dough. While you’re at home, you can follow us in a virtual session to practice how to roll the dough into thin sheets, learn techniques in wrapping gyoza dumpling and cook the dumplings in a pan. In our online session, we’ll also demonstrate how we prepare the dough and fillings. Expect to have about 14-18 dumplings per serving, depending on how thin you roll the dough out. You get to roll out the dough, add the filling, wrap them and then cook them with us guiding you through virtually.

Can I order extra for family or spouse?
Yes, simply enter the total number of gyoza kits when booking.

Can I order 1.5 proportion of gyoza?
Yes, it will cost $12 extra.



Our gyoza kit can be shipped anywhere within the U.S. for an additional shipping cost.

Delivery fee per address:
- $8 - San Francisco
- $25 - Alameda County Northwest / San Mateo Couty (zip code 946xx, 947xx and 94501)
- $30 - Santa Clara County North (zip code 943xx, 940xx, 9505x)
- $35 - Santa Clara County South, Alameda County East, Marin County, Contra Costa County
- $40 - anywhere in CA outside the six Bay Area counties
- $45 - anywhere West Coast and Mountain Time Zone
- $50 - anywhere Central and Eastern Time Zone

We use special perishable-food-safe foam packaging & dry ice packs for shipping outside of the Bay Area. The size of the shipping box is: 12” x 11” x 10”.

If your company has a lower negotiated shipping rate with carriers, we can also use your company's FedEx or UPS account to ship. The extra shipping fee is only $15 per address for the special food-safe foam packaging.

Depending on availability, we may be able to accommodate bookings within a week, but there is a last-minute booking charge of $50.

What we'll need from you:

We need the following for each guest in order to calculate the final shipping cost:
- Name
- Delivery address
- Phone number (for delivery purposes only)
- Choice of fillings (pork or vegetarian)

You can make a copy of this template ( and share it with your group.

How to join:

This is a virtual event. A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring:

- A non-stick pan with a matching lid
- A tong
- A plate for your gyoza
- Some oil for cooking
- A rolling pin (or can be replaced by a beer/wine bottle)

Customer Reviews

User photo

Alex L.


The class was ok. I wish there was a little more explanation of technique regarding rolling the dough and folding the dumplings. The teacher's video feed was also blown out, so it was hard to see what he was doing sometimes.

User photo

Nicole L.


It was a great cooking class.

Some cons I have are: Two of my colleagues received their package but the dry ice had melted and their meat had gone bad. My other colleague requested veggie and she received meat.

User photo

Jordin Q.


Loved this! Not only delicious, but plenty of social time to interact throughout the class. Highly recommend!

Cancellation Policy


Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking confirmation, up to 48 hours before the event start time. After that, cancel up to 14 days before the event and get a full refund, minus the booking fee.